The Bubblegum-S500 is a high performance, credit card sized computer. It is powered by ACTIONS semiconductor's 32-bit CPU that is designed to everything you'd expect a desktop computer to do, like software development, prototyping, playing high-definition video, or making spreadsheets. It also has the ability to be customized in all variety of specified application such as Internet of Thing (IOT) products, robotics, sensor hub, automation, and much more.


● Cortex-A9 quad core
● 1.6GHz
● PowerVR/ SGX544MP/ HP GPU
● Support H.264 encoder/decoder
● Android 5 lollipop
● Ubuntu Linux
● 1GB DDR3 memory
● MicroSD/ OS/ SD card
● 4pin 3.5” audio jack
● USB3.0 x1
● USB2.0 x2
● 10/100Mbps / RJ45 connector
● HDMI1.4b/ 2K/ 4K
● MIPI/DSI Display (2 lanes)
● MIPI/CSI Camera (2 lanes)
● Support external IR receiver
● Support external microphone
● 5V DC input with microUSB connector
● SPI x1 / PCM x2 / UART x2 / SDIO x1 / I2C x1
● PCM /UART /SDIO /WiFi /BT module
● SDIO: eMMC module
● i2C: Touch Panel
● i2C: Sensors
● UART: Arduino GRBL CNC firmware
● ZIGBEE, 433MHz RF transceiver
● Maker/DIY enthusiast
● Industrial/Home automation
● POS, KIOSK system
● Low cost/low power server
● Time to market application


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