ATM7019 is a versatile high-performance, low-power, highly integrated SOC (system on chip), which targets at personal media players (PMPs), internet/home media player and so on. Cooperated with a powerful video and audio processor, it provides all formats, full HD video and high quality audio decode/encode ability. Graphic and video scaling, alpha blending process etc are enabled with a powerful display engine. High performance DDR2/DDR3 controller guarantees the high data throughput while video/audio playing. 


● 65mm x 70mm
● Actions ATN7019 MIPS32 74K
● Actions ATC2605 (audio codec inside)
● DDR3 256MB (optional to 512MB)
● Nand Flash 256MB (optional to 1GB)
● SD Slot
● HDMI: 720 (optional to 1080, DDR3 up to 512MB above)
● Analog audio output
● USB x1
● Auto play video, photo, and audios


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